Belle and Sebastian

Live music is for everyone, so we believe in #MusicWithoutBarriers - Deaf and disabled people shouldn’t have to miss out when their favourite band is in town due to poor access.

#MusicWithoutBarriers is a campaign for equal access, to raise awareness of the barriers that Deaf and disabled people are currently facing, to change perceptions of disability and highlight the support for making gigs accessible. 

Thousands of fans, musicians and other music industry figures agree - here’s Belle and Sebastian pledging their support for our campaign for equal access.

Belle and Sebastian support the Charter

“When I was a roadie (in the 80’s!) the people in wheelchairs used to be up on stage with us. Side stage, to be precise. You couldn’t see much and the sound was terrible, but it was the best we could do. As far as other disabilities went, there was no provision, no awareness. Things have come a long way since then. You had to be hardcore to have a disability and go and see a gig back then. It shouldn't be that hard.

“Rock ‘n’ roll is THE inclusive art form. It’s a broad church and the door should be wide open to everyone. We sing about all kinds of people: we should be seen by all kinds of people! And on an equal footing.

“Popular bands are powerful entities. They can choose the festivals and venues they want to play, thus ensuring the good places thrive. I would encourage bands to play in the kind of places where EVERYONE is going to have a great time.

“So, bug you’re favourite bands, make them think about their choice of venue! Register your support for the campaign."

What can I do?

  • Ask your favourite music venue or festival to sign up to our Charter of Best Practice
  • Make a small donation to Attitude is Everything to support our work
  • Share our campaign on social networks to raise awareness:

Pledge your support to #MusicWithoutBarriers