Stevie Wonder

Live music is for everyone, so we believe in #MusicWithoutBarriers - Deaf and disabled people shouldn’t have to miss out when their favourite band is in town due to poor access.

#MusicWithoutBarriers is a campaign for equal access, to raise awareness of the barriers that Deaf and disabled people are currently facing, to change perceptions of disability and highlight the support for making gigs accessible. 

Thousands of fans, musicians and other music industry figures agree - here’s Stevie Wonder pledging their support for our campaign for equal access.

Stevie Wonder supports the Charter

"I strongly support the campaign by Attitude is Everything to gain full accessibility for people with all kinds of disability to festivals, shows and all areas of entertainment. It is incredible to me that in this day and age such a campaign should still be needed.

“There are many people out there for whom, what should be a time of enjoyment turns into a nightmare because of a lack of information and facilities being made available  by those who are in charge of putting on events. A little thought and a bit more compassion could transform the lives of many. This should be a commitment made by everybody, from private citizen at street level to government level."

What can I do?

  • Ask your favourite music venue or festival to sign up to our Charter of Best Practice
  • Make a small donation to Attitude is Everything to support our work
  • Share our campaign on social networks to raise awareness:

Pledge your support to #MusicWithoutBarriers