In 2015 April Clark, Suzanne Bull MBE, and Mandi Peers formed Attitude Sings; a sponsored sing-a-long from London to Newcastle, travelling by foot, train and car.

Yes, we take requests!

The journey took around 5 hours, and we had just a ukulele and a tambourine to keep us going so we asked people to sponsor us to keep singing! For every donation, our sponsors could request a tune for us to sing - everything from Nirvana to the Cure, REM to Amy Winehouse.

Destination: Chase Park

We chose Chase Park Festival as our destination as they had just been awarded the esteemed gold level of Attitude is Everything’s Charter of Best Practice, one of only three festivals nationwide to receive the accolade. It is an amazing example of what can be done to provide a wide range of access facilities and inclusive initiatives to welcome deaf and disabled audiences, artists and volunteers.

One big sing-along

We were a little bit shy at first, as we didn't want to annoy our fellow passengers, but once we started singing we had tons of fun. Passengers in our train carriage joined in the singing, made requests and even danced in the aisle - I like to think we made their day! We also got lots of questions about what we were doing and why, and everyone was really supportive when they heard about what we were aiming to do, and some even gave us donations on the spot!

Gift Aid is great

We set up a fundraising page which allowed sponsors to Gift Aid their donations, which really boosted our total to well over £1,000! I would definitely recommend this, as it's an easy thing to do. We also really wanted to take more photos and videos during our journey, to show our supporters how we were getting on, but this was quite difficult as we were pretty busy singing.

A chance to get involved?

We would love to repeat Attitude Sings in 2016, and we would invite more people to come with us to help with taking pictures, updating Twitter and Facebook, and of course singing!

If Attitude Sings sounds amazing but not your thing, it's easy to find a fundraising event to suit you.