Duncan & Sharon

As avid gig-goers, Duncan & Sharon decided to throw themselves in the deep end and take on the challenge of Tough Mudder.

19 stone and never been running

We had decided we wanted to do something together that would challenge us and push us out of our comfort zone. In a moment of madness Sharon signed up to Tough Mudder and somehow convinced me to sign up too. At the time I weighed over 19 stone and had never been running before!

The highs and lows

I found out the hard way that tarmac was not my friend, and spent most of the summer recovering from shin splints and knackered knees! We were worried we hadn’t done anywhere near enough training but sheer minded stubbornness took over and we made it through! Needless to say the pint we had after was the most enjoyable of the year.

Why Attitude is Everything is so crucial

Through local events, I met one of AiE’s trustees and found out about the great work they do. As avid gig-goers ourselves, we firmly believe that live music should be accessible to anyone and everyone that wants to experience it.

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