Faye standing holding flowers alongside Suzanne and Simon from Attitude is Everything

Faye put on a fundraising gig in her hometown to support access to live music, and her local music scene. We spoke to her about her motivations for putting on the event, what she most enjoyed about it, and what advice she would give to others doing the same.

Why did you decide to fundraise for Attitude is Everything?

Live music is my life, so if I couldn't access a venue, or the staff weren’t aware of how to deal with my needs, I would be devastated.  To me, the work that Attitude is Everything does is vital.

How did your event go on the night?

It went really well! Everyone enjoyed themselves and I managed to not only raise funds but also raise awareness of the charity.

4 Letter Holiday performing at Faye's fundraiser. Photo: Jack Barker.

What were the biggest challenges you faced when putting this event on?

One issue was getting bands to commit – many either never acknowledged my message, or couldn't do the event for whatever reason.  The other was ticket sales, I didn’t sell that many in advance so was worried the event might not be very well attended, but luckily it was fine in the end!

What did you most enjoy/are most proud of?

I'm proud of the event actually going ahead!  There were a few times when I thought it might fail or I would have to cancel. I really enjoyed the night itself, and supporting the local live music scene.

A female singer sings into a microphone with her eyes closed

Erase & Rewind performing at Faye's fundraiser. Photo: Jack Barker.

What advice would you give to someone else considering doing a similar fundraiser?

Make sure that the venue is suitable for the event and that you are going to actually get what you pay for.  This was my biggest obstacle and I was disappointed that I didn't quite have everything I wanted.

As a regular gig-goer yourself, what did you find the most rewarding about organising this event?

It was great to organise a gig that highlighted that live music really is for everyone. It also helped raise awareness that a disability of any kind shouldn't prevent you from attending a concert and that assistance can be provided if it’s needed.

I felt particularly rewarded afterwards as my friend’s son is disabled and this was his first ever concert – I made sure that he received a VIP wristband and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Introducing him to the pleasure of live music was just wonderful!

A male drummer plays drums

Record Street performing at Faye's fundraiser. Photo: Jack Barker.