Feeling Musical?

Fundraise for us and make music accessible to all

Why not organise your very own accessible live music event and donate the entrance fee? Not only will you be helping to fundraise but also helping ensure local venues can provide accessible music to everyone.

How to organise your event

Hire a venue – Ask around and get the best deal. Many venues will offer a discount if they know it’s a charity event or they might let you pay the full balance out of the ticket sales. Choose a quieter slot such as mid-week to keep the price low. Make sure you do your maths so you know exactly how many tickets you’ll need to sell to cover costs and have a good chunk of change left over to donate to Attitude is Everything.

Find your Artists – Know any local bands or singers? Invite them to play! You could even make it more fun by organising a Battle of the Bands.

Find a host – Someone to announce the acts, encourage further donations and help spread the word about what the event is for.

Technical support – Some venues will provide this as part of their fee but for smaller venues you might have to organise this yourself.

Promote your event – Start spreading the word! Use posters and flyers around your neighbourhood, use social media and get local press involved. Ask the artists involved to tell their fans and help spread the word further. Don’t forget you’ll need plenty of time to promote your event to make it really successful.

Check out our poster guidelines for help creating your own promotional material.

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