Fundraising Tips

Tell people why they are donating

Check out some of the venues we’ve helped to make accessible and the stories of the people who have benefited. This will help people realise why you are fundraising and what their money will be helping with.

Offline and online 

People like choice so why not gather your sponsorship by using both offline forms and online donations? You can download our sponsorship form here and there are loads of platforms you can use to gather sponsorship online including Virgin Money Giving and JustGiving.

Keep people updated

People are more likely to give the closer you get to your fundraising goal so don’t be afraid to keep on asking and informing people about your event or challenge.

Take lots of pictures

From organising an event and training for a marathon to the day itself. Take lots of pictures to remember the event and don’t forget to share with us too!

Make the most of the opportunity

If you are organising an event then why not use it as an opportunity to raise even more money. For example you could ask a friend to host a cake sale outside the entrance.

Talk to your local press

Local press love to hear what people in their area are doing so why not phone up your local radio station or newspaper and tell them you are fundraising? You never know, you could make it to the front page!