Festivals we want shopped

  1. We want to ensure all volunteers have a fair opportunity to register their interest in Mystery Shopping festivals.
  2. Whilst you can apply to Mystery Shop any festival you like, there are a number of festivals we specifically want to get shopped. You can see these below.
  3. We are asking all Mystery Shoppers to register their interest in shopping Charter Festivals by Saturday 31st March.
  4. You can register your interest by submitting a request to shop the festival on the Mystery Shopping Portal.
  5. After 31st March, we will look at the requests and seek allocate them in a fair manner.
  6. When we let you know if your request has been successful, we will also let you know if this is a festival where we can obtain tickets at no cost to the organisation. If you buy tickets in advance of your shop being approved, we may not be able to reimburse you the ticket cost.
  7. We receive a number of shop requests for popular festivals – we may ask you to volunteer your time by shopping a festival from our target list as well as the more popular festival you are requesting.

Below is the complete list of festivals we would like shopped in 2018:

April 2018

Folk Weekend, Oxford                                   
Oxford Folk Weekend                                    

May 2018

All Points East, Victoria Park, London
Common People, Oxford                                   
Common People, Southampton                        
Love Saves The Day, Bristol                          

June 2018 

Field Day, Brockwell Park, London                
Greenwich and Docklands festival         
Parklife, Manchester                                      
Solas Festival, Scotland                                

July 2018

2000 Trees, Cheltenham
Blue Dot Festival, Jodrell Bank, Cheshire          
BST Hyde Park, London                          
Camp Bestival, Lulworth, Dorset                       
CarFest North, Bolesworth, Cheshire        
Cornbury, Charlby, Oxfordshire                  
Deershed, Topcliffe, North Yorkshire               
Kendal Calling, Cumbria                                
L Fest, Wales                                            
Liberty, London                                       
Lovebox, London                                       
MTV Crashes Plymouth                           
Nozstock, Herefordshire                                 
Pride in London                                     
Rewind Scotland                                       
Splendour, Nottinghamshire                       
Standon Calling, Hertfordshire                      
Tramlines, Sheffield                                   
Truck, Oxfordshire                                        
Underneath the Stars, Yorkshire                
Wireless, London                                  
Y Not, Matlock                                            

August 2018

Arc Tan Gent, Bristol                                           
Bestival, Lulworth, Dorset                                   
Bingley Music Live
Boardmasters, Cornwall                                    
Boomtown, Hampshire                                       
Cambridge Folk Festival                                 
CarFest South                      
Chase Park, Gateshead
Creamfields, Cheshire                                
Eisteddfod, Cardiff                                            
End of the Road, Wiltshire                              
Green Man, Wales                                     
Greenbelt, Northamptonshire                         
Just So, Cheshire                                           
Lost Village, Lincolnshire                          
Manchester Pride                                     
Meraki Festival, Hertfordshire                  
Pride Cymru                            
Rewind North                                           
Rewind South                                            
So Festival    
The Big Cwtch, Wales                                 
Victorious Festival, Portsmouth                  

September 2018

By the Sea, Margate, Kent                         
Downs Festival, Bristol                                    
Festival No6, Portmerion, Wales