Guide to completing a shop

If a family member, Personal Assistant or Support Worker will be asssitign you to complete the shop, it might be useful for them to read our guide on how best to support someone volunteering for Attitude is Everything.

Once you have registered on the portal and been approved, this is the process you go through to choose, request and complete a Mystery Shop:

1. Have a look at the current list of venues we want shopped. These will always be our priority. Alternatively, if there is another venue or festival you wish to shop, you can let us know via the request form.

2. Complete a mystery shop request form via the online portal.

When requesting shops, please note:

  • If you’d like to go to a gig at a non-charter venue, we may ask you to volunteer your time at a charter venue we need shopped as well.
  • Certain venues, like large arenas, receive numerous requests to be shopped. There are several things we take into consideration when allocating shops, including (but not limited to) the cost of tickets & travel, and how often someone has shopped for us previously.
  • Applications for festival Mystery Shopping close every year at the end of March, where we will then allocate each festival on a similar basis.

3. Once your request has been approved, book your tickets and any access provisions.

4. Fill in the pre-event form via the online portal. This is where you tell us about the booking process and what info you could find out online.

5. Download/print out the checklist of things to look out for when you’re at the gig (coming soon!)

6. Attend the gig!

7. After the gig, fill in the post-event form via the online portal

8. Submit your expenses claim via email (this will be sent to you after you have been registered).

Please note:

  • It is important you fill in the post-event form and expenses claim within four weeks of the gig, otherwise payment may be delayed.
  • Expenses will be processed as quickly as possible, and within 8 weeks of your invoice being submitted and approved (having submitted your mystery shop report).