The Registration Form

We’d like all of you, experienced shoppers and newcomers alike, to fill out a Registration form below. We need this information in order to administrate the project effectively, contact you, and pay expenses.

The Equal Opportunities Form

After you have registered we will email over an Equal Opportunities form – we have been asked by our funders to track this information, and it will be treated as anonymous information and detached from your personal details. You don’t have to fill it out if you’d prefer not to.

The Mystery Shopping Forms

The details of your experiences at live music events are of huge interest to us. The more you tell us about the positive and negative elements of your experiences, the better. The more detail we can give in feedback to venues and festivals, the more chance they’ll have of making tangible improvements. Accompanying photographs are always welcome, to show us specific barriers you’ve come across or examples of good practice. 

There is one form for venues and another for festivals – links to the forms will be emailed to you before you attend the event.

The Mystery Shopper Invoice Form

We will also email you an invoice form should be used to claim back ticket and travel expenses from Mystery Shops.

When requesting to do a particular mystery shop, it is crucially important that you also include with your request, a quote for your ticket and travel expenses.  We need this information if we are paying for a mystery shop report.  If you do not give a quote for your ticket and travel costs, then your reimbursement will not be guaranteed.

Please also read the FAQ.

Please note: due to limited funds, each Mystery Shop has an expenses limit of £70; this includes gig tickets and travel expenses for you and a personal assistant. Myster Shopping reports need to be returned within 4 weeks of the event for a refund to be given unless otherwise agreed with the Myster Shopping Cordinator.

With the Invoice Form, you can email this back to us along with e-mail confirmations of tickets/travel. If you don’t have e-mail confirmation, you can digitally photograph or scan tickets instead. If you do not have access to a digital camera or scanner then post the tickets along with a paper copy of the invoice.

It is very important that you check with us before buying tickets for an event, gig or festival.

We have limited funds for the Mystery Shopping project so need to approve each ‘shop’ in advance. Also, some venues have been over-shopped already...

You can choose whatever local music venue or club you want to go to but we will be in touch on a bi-monthly basis with suggestions of specific venues we would like to be shopped – for example new Charter venues.

Note: If you don’t fill in the Mystery Shopping form or you only half fill it in, then you can’t claim your expenses back.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact me in the office.

Happy Mystery Shopping!

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