Supporting someone else

Personal Assistants can play a vital role in supporting Deaf and disabled volunteers carry out the tasks necessary to their volunteering role. Attitude is Everything have written this guidance for Family Members, Personal Assistants, Carers and Support Workers to ensure you know how best to enable the person you are supporting to volunteer for the charity.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss volunteering in more detail, please get in touch with Aisling, the Mystery Shopping Assistant ( or call the office on 020 7383 7979).

The Mystery Shopping Process

The person you are supporting can register as Mystery Shopper via our Mystery Shopping Portal which can be accessed here. They can have support or assistance to fill out the form.

It is helpful for volunteers to read our Frequently Asked Questions, alone or with the support of a PA, before requesting a Mystery Shop. We also have an Easy Read version.

We have a Code of Conduct volunteers must abide by when volunteering with Attitude is Everything.

Mystery Shops are requested via our online Mystery Shopping Portal. Once the request has been approved, a volunteer must book their own tickets – this is something a PA can help with if necessary. Most venues offer a complimentary PA ticket in recognition of the fact that some disabled people need assistance when attending events. If this is not possible, please get in touch with Aisling.

After the request has been approved and they’ve booked their tickets, the volunteer completes a pre-event form through the portal. It involves a series of questions about the booking process (tickets and access provisions) and the access information provided online.

You can read more about our #AccessStartsOnline campaign here.

As a Personal Assistant you can support the volunteer fill in the forms, but it’s important that the answers are from their own perspective.

At the gig

While at the gig, it’s important volunteers look out for certain key things they will be asked about in the post-event form. A printable checklist of things to look out for is available here. It is compatible with screenreaders.

It’s important to remind the person you’re supporting to bring the checklist to the gig or festival so they know what to look for. As a Personal Assistant you can also help with this, especially if checking certain things in the venue or festival is difficult or inaccessible for the volunteer to do themselves.

After the gig

After the gig, volunteers complete a post-event form via the Mystery Shopping Portal. They then submit an expenses claim and for their ticket and travel costs (as well as their PA’s travel costs) via email.

Alternative Formats

Some Deaf and disabled people have access requirements that mean filling in forms online independently or with support may not be possible. To accommodate this, we have created an Easy Read version of our online Mystery Shopping Portal forms. If the volunteer you are supporting requires the forms in this format, please get in touch with Aisling. If you’re unsure which format is most appropriate for the volunteer you are supporting, please feel free to get in touch.