A window into the world of an Attitude is Everything Trustee

Posted on 16.08.2016

A window into the world of an Attitude is Everything Trustee

As we are seeking new Trustees to join our Board, we spoke to Trustee Paul Taylor about his reasons for joining the Board, what the role involves and what he enjoys the most about it. If you’d like to be one of our new Trustees, click the link above to find out more and apply.

What motivated you to become a Trustee for Attitude is Everything?

I was a mystery shopper for Attitude is Everything and loved doing that. I really liked and believed in Attitude is Everything’s aims and principles and when I saw the Trustee position I just thought it was a way for me to give more to the organisation, be more involved and offer more support. 

What do you think is the purpose of the Trustee role?

On a legal basis the Trustees are ultimately responsible for the organisation, its finances, its functioning and it achieving its aims. The Trustee role is to oversee the organisation, scrutinise, support, encourage, ask questions and suggest broad aims. I see it very much as a position of oversight, accountability, general guidance and support to the CEO and staff team. We’re not overly involved in day to day operations or activities – however, we need to retain the ability to challenge any practices and activities that may not be the best interest of the organisation or its aims.

How do you bring your professional experience into the role?

Mainly via Trustee meetings, offering my views and experience of having worked in the charitable sector and managed services and resources. Therefore I bring a good understanding of the sector and how it operates, as well as a lot of managerial experience, and so can contribute to planning, development, and resource management. On occasions I can undertake specific activities, such as leading discussions on topics where my experience is particularly relevant.  

Have your personal experiences informed your role as Trustee?

Yes they have, I have experienced good and bad management and operational planning and delivery, so use this to ensure that what I offer is based on my positive experiences and what has worked. As a disabled person myself, having chaired an employee forum and as someone who goes to a lot of live music, I have brought all of these experiences into the role, understanding the barriers disabled people can face, both attitudinal and physical and what works in developing greater equality and accessibility. I have advocated for people and negotiated with senior managers in large organisations and believe I know how to positively effect change. I hope that I am able to use this experience and knowledge in support of Attitude is Everything as a Trustee. 

What do you enjoy the most about being a Trustee for Attitude is Everything?

I like being more involved – the Trustee board are a great bunch of people who are passionate about what we are doing and are good to work with. I like being able to support Attitude is Everything, and hope in some small way I can help them achieve their aims and be of even greater influence and have a greater impact. It is interesting, stimulating and at times challenging.

If this has piqued your interest, you can find out more about becoming an Attitude is Everything Trustee and apply here.