Attitude is Everything secures Arts Council England NPO funding for next 4 years

Posted on 27.06.2017

Attitude is Everything secures Arts Council England NPO funding for next 4 years

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded funding of £998,000 by Arts Council England over 4 years from April 2018, including an uplift in funding of 20%. This means that we remain in the National Portfolio of Organisations; stabilising our organisation for the next 4 years and strengthening our position as the leading organisation for increasing access provision in live music.

With this application, we become one of the new “Sector Support Organisations”.  This is an appropriate status for us because we offer support services to the live music events industry; a specific remit and output which enables us to create the conditions for best practice access, rather than producing or delivering art and culture.   Arts Council investment will enable us to further support the live music industry with guidance, resources, bespoke training and consultancy.  As part of this, we will seek to strengthen the core of the organisation in preparation for us taking on the challenges of the next strategic period and further expanding our reach across the live music industry.

The uplift in funding is to create an Artist Development programme for Deaf and disabled artists and promoters from April 2018 onwards.  This is an entirely new area of work for us. We have demonstrated that there is a growing Deaf and disabled audience for live music – an audience that we support venues and festivals to welcome via our Charter of Best Practice. The uplift will enable us to act upon a long-held aspiration to help expand the involvement of Deaf and disabled people in the live music industry beyond the audience. We will be working to examine the barriers that exist and put in place initiatives to increase the number of grassroots Deaf and disabled artists and promoters performing, putting on events and developing their careers.

Paul Taylor, Chair of Attitude is Everything, said:

It is a great honour for us to be in the National Portfolio of Arts Council England-funded organisations once again.  The uplift in funding demonstrates just how much Arts Council England value us.  I am very proud of our achievement for the whole team.

Arts Council England core investment means we can continue to grow, run the new Artist Development Programme, and go into 2018 with confidence and strength.  It will also enable us to have greater influence and raise our profile. 

On behalf of the Board and Staff Team, I would like to thank the Arts Council England for their continued support.

Suzanne Bull MBE, CEO of Attitude is Everything, said:

In these times of increasing competition for funding in arts and culture, I am delighted that the Arts Council England has recognised the importance of our influence in improving access to the live music over the past 17 years. 

Their commitment ensures that we can further raise our profile; ensuring that we can support even more music venues, festivals and events to meet the requirements of disabled  and Deaf people.  I am also excited that we can now support disabled artists and promoters to develop under our new Development Programme.

I look forward to sharing our new Strategic Plan in the future and supporting Arts Council England to deliver their Vision of “Great art and culture for everyone.