Attitude is Everything welcomes Paul Taylor as new Chair of Trustees

Posted on 14.03.2017

Attitude is Everything welcomes Paul Taylor as new Chair of Trustees

How did you first get involved with Attitude is Everything?

I found about Attitude is Everything at Latitude festival, and I signed up to be a mystery shopper.

Tell us a bit about your role as Chair of Attitude is Everything’s Board. What does the Chair do?

This is a new role for me so I’m still finding my feet! But essentially it is the Chair’s role to support and supervise the CEO, and have oversight of the organisation’s activities, plans and finances. It’s also my role to chair board meetings, ensure that the board understands it role, and to develop a full understanding of the skills, knowledge and experience that Trustees bring, and supporting them to use these to the best effect. It’s enabling a good flow of communication, detailed discussions, and joint decision making between the operational staff and the board of Trustees. Listening to and supporting the CEO and other senior staff whilst, where needed, acting as a critical friend. 

What inspired you to take on the role?

I had really enjoyed being a Trustee, and the previous chair and CEO encouraged me to consider this role. For me it was an opportunity to give more to the organisation. Through my work I have developed good leadership and managerial skills and so it was an opportunity to use these to good effect. I passionately believe in equality and challenging prejudice and societal barriers, and so saw the role of Chair as an opportunity to do this, in a small but important way.

How have you found the role of Chair so far?

So far so good! I enjoy building a positive working relationship with the CEO and staff, and appointing new trustees and formulating a new board is already exciting. I am clear that whilst I am Chair, I facilitate decision making by the whole board in conjunction with operational staff.

What do you envision for Attitude is Everything’s future?

For me the main thing is for them to keep doing what they do so well: promoting equal access, supporting disabled people to get to live music events, and supporting venues and festivals in ensuring accessibility. I think the growth of working with specific groups of people, such as people with learning disabilities, disabled artists and those working in the music industry is really exciting. I believe that Attitude is Everything will become increasingly influential not just in the music industry, but in disability equality overall.