CEO Suzanne Bull MBE Named as Disability Champion for the Music Industry

Posted on 21.02.2017

CEO Suzanne Bull MBE Named as Disability Champion for the Music Industry

We’re very proud to announce that our CEO, Suzanne Bull MBE, has been named Sector Champion for the music industry, as part of a new Government initiative to promote better inclusion and representation of disabled people across a wide range of sectors, including music alongside tourism, retail, public transport, gaming and more.

In this role Suzanne will be promoting inclusion across the music industry, highlighting the need for better accessibility and representation within the sector – despite improvements, disabled people still face a wide range of barriers to attending live music events, and are 10% less likely to attend them than their non-disabled peers.

She will be championing the strong business case for improved access – for example, the £7.5 million disabled people spent on live music in 2015 – and sharing best practice from her seventeen years of experience in the sector, as well as promoting the myriad ways Attitude is Everything can support music venues and festivals to improve their accessibility.

Suzanne says: “I’m delighted to be the Disability Champion for the music industry because I believe that everyone should have the right to enjoy the arts - only 3. 6m of the UK’s 11m disabled adults attended a live music event last year.  Fear of discrimination can deter deaf and disabled people from attending music events, but without their participation change won’t occur. I’ll be making a solid business case for accessibility and will be sharing best practice and innovative ideas, many of which don’t only just focus on physical access, and demonstrate that ways of working can be adopted by other industries with a high degree of success.”