Ents24 introduces Disabled Access venue filter

Posted on 03.02.2015

Ents24 introduces Disabled Access venue filter

One of the largest barriers posed to Deaf and disabled music fans is simply the lack of information available when looking into gigs and live music events. Even when accessible facilities are in place for a particular event or venue, access information is often difficult to obtain, contradictory or insufficient. Many will err on the side of caution in these instances, which leads to thousands of potential gig-goers unable to attend live events.

One company that is seeking to improve the situation is the events-listing platform, Ents24.

“One of the most important things to us at Ents24 is providing clear information about live entertainment, so that as many people as possible can enjoy the music, comedy, sport, theatre and other live events that they want to.”

We have been working closely with Ents24 to help make for an experience where clear and reliable information is available for music venues. Ents24 have revamped their website with integrated access information, and now offer several features to help make searching for accessible gigs a easier experience.

Firstly, they have created a Disabled Access Venues link, which displays all the events currently listed at Attitude is Everything certified venues, and even details whether the venue has achieved Bronze, Silver or Gold. In addition to the full list of venues under the link, you can also opt to select the Disabled Access Venues filter and search for events this way. All the Disabled Access Venues have achieved at least Bronze status, so you can be confident that the venue will offer disabled parking, level access, accessible toilets and everything listed under Bronze (for a full break down and explanation of the criteria, read Ents24’s blog post).

In addition to the ability to search specifically for accessible venues, Ents24 have incorporated information to all of the 19,000+ active venue pages to specify which have been certified Gold, Silver or Bronze, providing an enhanced indication of level of access. Almost every single one of the venue pages also carry contact information, so that additional access enquiries can be asked and handled as easily as possible.

“There is of course more to be done - we are looking into the way tickets for disabled people are offered, making the site more screen-reader compatible and adding certification to the festivals we list, as well as the venues - but we're happy to be taking a step in the right direction.”

We are delighted with the new features available on the Ents24 platform, which will make a significant difference to Deaf and disabled music fans, and perhaps even encourage other venues to follow the trend and provide access information. For more information on Ents24’s new features, including an interview with our own CEO Suzanne Bull, head over to their blog