#EverybodyIn – Join Suzanne’s Team for Parallel London!

Posted on 26.07.2016

#EverybodyIn – Join Suzanne’s Team for Parallel London!

After climbing the O2 our CEO Suzanne Bull has a new challenge and would like you to join her!

Staying firmly on the ground this time, On September 4th Suzanne will be part of Parallel London as it comes to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, presenting the world’s first fully inclusive push/run challenge. Find out Suzanne’s reasons for taking part, and more about how you can get involved below.

What event and distance are you doing?

I’m doing the Push / Run 1km event (in my electric wheelchair which is kind of cheating!)

Have you done anything like this before?

Not a large participatory event, but I have previously climbed over the O2 Arena – Up at the O2 – and raised over £2k. And last year I took part in Attitude Sings with Attitude is Everything colleague Mandi Peers and Trustee April Clark, where we sang all the way from London to Chase Park festival on the train, raising £1,057.19 between us.

I’m the most non-sporty person in the world but because of the inclusive nature of this event, I felt like it was something that I could take part in.

What are you most looking forward to about this event?

I think competing alongside many other people, the atmosphere and pretending that I’m some sort of Paralympian for the day. I’m the most non-sporty person in the world but because of the inclusive nature of this event, I felt like it was something that I could take part in. I’m also looking forward to telling people about Attitude is Everything and the great work we do on the lead up to the event, and on the day.

What do you think of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park venue? Have you been before?

I actually love the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It’s so accessible, beautiful and peaceful, and a fantastic space for East London to have.  The wildlife and associated walks are amazing.  I have been there many times – during the London Paralympics and for several Liberty Festivals (the Mayor of London’s event that celebrates the talent of disabled artists).

Why should people take part in Parallel to fundraise for Attitude is Everything?

I’d love to get a team together to participate alongside me.  I see some of the other Challenge Events that are completed by our fundraisers, such as Team AIE with Tough Mudder, and they are having so much fun with it all.  With more of us participating, we can spread the word even further about Attitude is Everything and let people know about the difference we are making to disabled music fans, as well as raising lots of money along the way. 

Everyone should have the right to enjoy the arts, yet I find it baffling that only 3.6m of the UK’s 11m disabled adults attended a live music event last year.  As a result of our work, disabled people’s engagement with live music has grown from 23% in 2008 to 37% (1) – but with the non-disabled figure at 47%, equality remains some way off. Therefore, Attitude is Everything has much more to do in improving access.

Want to join Suzanne’s team?

Run, walk, push or be pushed over your choice of the following distances: 100m, 500m, 1km, 5km or 10km. Unlike many challenge events, there is no cut off time at Parallel, so the challenge can be completed at your own pace.

Throughout the day Parallel will feature accessible attractions focusing on food, fitness, art, literature and culture.

If you’d like to join Suzanne we’re asking you to raise a minimum of £150 – we’ll support you in achieving this target.

You can sign up on the Parallel website here, or to express an interest email Simon by Monday August 22nd.

Please note that if you sign up online you will still need to notify us that you intend to fundraise for us!


1. Department of Culture Media and Sport’s Taking Part Survey, 2015