Fundraising gig “supporting local bands, local venues and an amazing charity”

Posted on 12.08.2016

Fundraising gig “supporting local bands, local venues and an amazing charity”

Erase & Rewind performing.

This October, Lancashire town Barnoldswick hosts a night showcasing the talent of three local bands, all in support of improved access to live music. We spoke to Faye Thompson, organiser of the event, about why she wanted to support Attitude is Everything and the importance of supporting local bands and venues.

Faye has always been a big music fan, saying “for as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed my music.  My passion for live music has grown so much over the years, to the point where I can now easily attend between 20 and 45 concerts every year.  I’m a firm believer in supporting venues and bands/artists who are both signed and unsigned.”

Gig organiser Faye Thompson

She has first-hand experience of the impact health conditions can have on the live music experience: “In February 2003 I found out that I’m a Type 2 Diabetic – which gives challenges of its own when going to concerts, especially standing arena shows where I now have to generally opt for a seat rather than the barrier spot that I adore.  My illness has gotten worse over the years and I am now on insulin to help manage my sugar levels.”

This experience opened her eyes to the importance of access to live music: “I will openly admit that the prospect of not being able to get to experience live music scares me as it’s such a huge part of my life, without it I wouldn’t be the person I am.  So when I heard of Attitude Is Everything it became a charity that is so close to my heart.  Everyone should have access to live music and it compelled me to want to do something to not only raise awareness of the charity but also support local music.”

Record St.

She decided to put together a fundraiser in support of us, as well as her local music scene: “It took a while to get together but I now have an event organised for October with 3 local bands playing.  It’s something I’ve feel strongly about – supporting local bands, local venues and an amazing charity who highlights the need for this kind of access to music.”

She adds that “one of the things I love about Attitude Is Everything is that the charity highlights that all forms disabilities are important.  Every single person is entitled to be in a live music venue and for me the value of this is priceless.”

Event Details

Line Up

  • Erase & Rewind - A four piece, all girl band from Burnley. They are passionate about writing and performing music and their influences span five decades, from The Doors, to The Smiths, Muse and Coldplay.
  • 4 Letter Holiday - Four piece original Rock band from Leeds.
  • Record St - A four piece indie Rock Band from Barnoldswick. The band are made up of 3 of the Bannister Brothers, Lewis, Danny, Brandon, and Danny Brigg.