Introducing… our New and Improved Mystery Shopping Programme

Posted on 28.02.2018

Introducing… our New and Improved Mystery Shopping Programme

At Attitude is Everything, our dedicated team of Mystery Shoppers – Deaf and disabled music fans who report back on the accessibility of venues and festivals – are at the centre of everything we do. This year, we’re working on making sure the Mystery Shopping programme is as inclusive, representative and easy to engage with as possible. Find out more from our new Mystery Shopping Development Assistant Aisling…

My name is Aisling Gallagher and I’m the new Mystery Shopping Development Assistant at Attitude is Everything. In this role I will be supporting existing volunteers and recruiting new Deaf and disabled people with a passion for live music to help make our Mystery Shopping programme more diverse and representative. I’ve been a volunteer for over ten years for a number of different charity, creative and political organisations and know how vital volunteers are to everything we do at Attitude is Everything.

Last year Paul Hamlyn Foundation awarded us £279,000 from their Arts Access and Participation: More and Better fund. With this funding, we will diversify our Mystery Shopping volunteering programme, targeting underrepresented groups within the disability community and producing tailored, impairment-specific recommendations to venues and festivals based on feedback from workshops across the country.

We are also relaunching our Mystery Shopping Programme with a new stream-lined online Mystery Shopping Portal. Volunteers will be able to request shops, complete access forms and log expenses via the online portal, and new guidance for personal assistants and support workers will ensure volunteers are sufficiently supported throughout the process.

In 2018, we will be focusing on recruiting volunteers who are learning disabled and people who are autistic. Around half of autistic people also have a learning disability, and around a third of learning disabled people may also be autistic.

Volunteering is shown to have a demonstrable impact on confidence levels, increased well-being and better mental health – particularly important for disabled people who are often disproportionately marginalised.

Sign up to the new Mystery Shopping Portal here, find out more about Mystery Shopping here and see what venues and festivals we currently need shopped.