Larmer Tree Festival joins Access Starts Online

Posted on 07.03.2016

Larmer Tree Festival joins Access Starts Online

We are proud to announce that 26-year-old Larmer Tree Festival is the 10th Association of Independent Festivals member to receive the Access Starts Online stamp of approval, following the campaign’s launch in January of this year.

Since meeting with Attitude is Everything at the AIF Congress in the November, Larmer Tree Festival have used the Access Starts Online template to produce access information that is clear, comprehensive and that they hope will help any disabled customer wishing to attend the festival to feel welcome at the festival and confident their access requirements will be met. 

The festival are also working to join Attitude is Everything's Charter of Best Practice and hope to be accredited at Silver after 2016's event.

Sally Gardner, Larmer Tree Festival Administrator and lead on accessibility, said:

“We always receive useful and positive feedback from our audience each year, which we use to keep improving the Larmer Tree Festival experience - from our website, to facilities and programming. And now, it’s great to be working closely with Attitude is Everything to continue to make sure everyone has a great time in the Gardens!”

Suzanne Bull, MBE, Attitude is Everything CEO added:

“Signing up to Attitude is Everything's Access Starts Online initiative is something all live music businesses can do. Not only does it cost nothing, but it represents a vital first step towards greater inclusivity and improved customer service that help these venues and festivals to reach new audiences. We're delighted to be working with the Larmer Tree festival and we hope to welcome them onto the Charter later this year.”