Looking back on the In-Sight Weekend Part 1 – Friday

Posted on 07.04.2017

Looking back on the In-Sight Weekend Part 1 – Friday

Singer Lizzie Emeh speaking at the In-Sight Weekend

The In-Sight Weekend - the product of a partnership between Attitude is Everything, Constant Flux and DIY Space for London (DSFL) – was a resounding success. Funded by PRS for Music Foundation and Arts Council England, the events over 31st March and 1st April explored and celebrated access and disability in DIY live music.

To kick off this summary of what happened over the weekend, we first wish to express our thanks to Richard Phoenix of Constant Flux, who assisted with planning and arranged the line-up for the talks and the final two bands for the gig, and DSFL volunteers Craig and Sophie, who also assisted greatly with planning and event management. DSFL is entirely volunteer-run, and we very much recommend getting involved if you can!

In-Sight Weekend Part 1 – Friday Night

The weekend kicked off with an amazing array of speakers at an evening of talks. The event invited participants, all who identify as having access requirements, to share their personal take on the creative process, their creative careers, and why access and inclusion is so important to them. The night was compared by the utterly fantastic Tilley Milburn and Del, with Dean Rodney of The Fish Police DJ-ing.

We were delighted that the evening featured so many amazing artists linked to our friends Heart n Soul. Their YouTube channel is well worth exploring – start with this great short film introducing Tilley. The night also featured artists linked to The Gate and Carousel.

Words can’t really do justice to everything that was said on the night (we hope to be able to share some footage in the near future), but here is a brief summary of what the speakers shared, along with links to find out more about their work:

Sophie and Irene, drummer and bassist in the band Woolf

We were proud to have two members of a queer punk band central to London’s DIY scene speak. Sophie and Irene used the event as an opportunity to speak about their experience of chronic illness whilst being in a band for the first time publicly. They talked the audience through the ways in which their invisible health conditions manifest themselves, and the kinds of considerations they need to allow for when playing and touring in a punk band. Read an interview with the band here.

Musician, trainer and autism advocate Robyn Steward

Robyn spoke about her personal history through education and the journey she took to understand herself, leading to her current work as an autism trainer and advocate. She finished with a stunning trumpet solo. Find out more about Robyn in this Huffington Post article written by her.

Singer Daniel Wakeford with musical collaborator Tom Cook

In an exclusive appearance, Daniel was joined on stage for the first time by his song-writing partner and voice coach Tom Cook. The pair talked about their history of collaboration and the creative process. They treated the audience to two acoustic songs, including Daniel’s biggest hit to date, The Black of Lonely. Find out more about Daniel in this interview we did with him last year.

Illustrator Ben Connors with Tilley Milburn and Del, speaking at the In-Sight Weekend

Illustrator Ben Connors with Tilley Milburn and Del

Ben and Tilly collaborate on comic strips centred on Tilley’s life and experiences, which they presented to the audience by talking entertainingly about the origins behind them. Tilly also spoke to Ben about his previous work putting on Pig Pen gigs with his friend Gabriel. Pig Pen previously joined forces with Attitude is Everything for a Club Attitude event. Check out the comic that Ben made about Attitude is Everything.

Luc Eisenbarth, guitarist in the band Zombie Crash

Luc, along with his support worker Henry, spoke about his new solo project, Minotor, and the creative process, including recently trying his hand at playing piano. Luc’s other band Zombie Crash have had a video featured by Kerrang – check it out!

Rapper, Producer and learning disability advocate 2Decks

Darren, aka 2Decks, was interviewed by Tilly and Del, and shared his passion for producing and championing music made by people with learning disabilities at The Gate via his radio show. He ended his talk with an impromptu performance of one of his songs. Darren recently made a radio show for Resonance FM on our In-Sight Weekend partners Constant Flux.

Performer, comedian, trainer and Tourette’s advocate Jess Thom of Touretteshero

Jess gave an impassioned speech about the value of access and inclusion when it comes to the creative arts, which worked to sum up the entire evening perfectly. We have recently been privileged to partner with Jess to create Relaxed Concert training for orchestras. Find out more about Jess and her world-view in this interview she did with Russell Howard.

Blaine Harrison, lead singer of the band Mystery Jets and Attitude is Everything Patron

We were absolutely delighted to have Blaine, a long-time friend and Patron of Attitude is Everything, join us. He was interviewed by Tilley, who asked him about his song-writing process, the history of his band and his experiences on tour. He wrote about our work and his role as Patron for the Guardian back in 2014 – read the article here.

Singer and raconteur Lizzie Emeh

Lizzie ended the night, recounting her personal journey as a soul singer (and the first artist with a learning disability to release a solo album in the UK), and her mission to educate the music industry about artists with learning disabilities. You can read more about her in this article she wrote for the Guardian.

We had some sound recording issues on the night, but we hope to be able to share footage of some or all of the talks in the near future – watch this space!