New Communications Intern

Posted on 13.10.2015

New Communications Intern

My name is Hanley, and I’m the newest Communications Intern to join team Attitude is Everything. I’ll be producing regular copy for the website and helping to manage both the Twitter and Facebook pages.

I was one of those teenagers whose time was equally divided between playing music at home and going to gigs, with any spare moment spent attached to my headphones; as a result I have a music collection which refuses to fit on my 160g classic iPod – I can never quite bring myself to delete even one of the sixteen different versions of the same song. This does mean, however, that I’m still able to re-live the The Rakes-Bloc Party-Maximo Park-Towers of London superish-group of Reading 2005, even if it is probably best left to history.

My personal record for gigs attended in one year is around the 300 mark, which I hit at the ripe age of 16; once train costs doubled to that of an adult fare my gig-going became a lot more selective! Around the same time it became clear that I needed a mobility aid full time, which my teenage certainty took to mean I’d spend the rest of my years screaming Spasticus Austisticus outside of the Barfly.

Since then I’ve branched out to become obsessed about the arts in general, and am currently in the second year of BA Theatre Studies & English at Birkbeck, as well as receiving training through Stonecrabs Theatre’s Young Directors Programme. Due to my interest in theatre I spent the past year as a member of Almeida Theatre’s Creative Board, where I was part of a team which produced training and performance opportunities for young people. I also completed a Gold Arts Award with them, which is like a Duke of Edinburgh Award with less orienteering; as part of this I conducted an investigation into accessibility in the theatre world and found myself continually drawn back to the massive effect Attitude is Everything has had on accessibility in the music industry.

I’d heard of them in passing but didn’t fully appreciate the scale of Attitude is Everything’s work until I attended Latitude as a performer in 2014; despite being rather scared about access requirements I agreed to go, only to arrive and find I’d had very little to worry about as in many ways it was more accessible than visiting friend’s houses, and all this due in part to a small team of incredibly dedicated people which I am very proud to now be part of.