Outstanding Attitude Awards – Call for Nominations

Posted on 29.07.2016

Outstanding Attitude Awards – Call for Nominations

Introducing… the Outstanding Attitude Awards!

We’re excited to announce our newest initiative, the Outstanding Attitude Awards, created to reward innovation, creativity and imagination in approaches to support Deaf and disabled customers at music venues, festivals and events. Find out more, including who can enter and how to nominate your event, below.

What are the awards for?

The awards are for providing access adjustments in a unique or innovative way.  This might include:

  • Providing an access adjustment in an original or creative way
  • Finding innovative ways of making use of existing facilities in a way that helps meet customers’ access requirements
  • Using emerging technology or contemporary research to break new ground in access provision
  • Finding methods to seamlessly embed access provision into the fabric of the event
  • Imaginative use of the principles of inclusive design
  • Finding new and creative ways to engage with specific impairment groups
  • Unique or innovative ways to inform or engage with customers around access

Some past examples of innovative practice that might be eligible for the award include:

  • Just So Festival’s accessible programme that the family festival launched to better enable all families, but especially those with access requirements, to make informed decisions about what performances to attend
  • KOKO’s adaptation of their listed building to make it accessible, including staff providing bar service to the viewing platform in lieu of an accessible bar

Please note the awards are issued for specific access facilities, policies or adjustments, rather than overall access at a venue or festival, as we feel the best way to assess overall access is through the Charter of Best Practice.

Who can enter the Outstanding Attitude Awards?

Any festival, venue or event:

  • that is signed up to our Charter of Best Practice
  • that is actively working with us and expects to be signed up by the end of the calendar year

How will the awards be judged?

The awards will be judged by a panel of music industry professionals and disabled customers.

When will the awards take place?

We will be open for applications from now until Friday 21 October.  The recipients of the awards will be announced on Monday 21 November, 2016.

How does a festival or venue enter?

You can nominate your festival, venue or event by filling in the form below, detailing the innovation or adjustment you wish to enter, the thinking behind it, and any evidence/relevant customer feedback you have gathered about the impact it has had. We look forward to hearing from you!