Running 500 Miles for Access to Live Music

Posted on 08.06.2018

Running 500 Miles for Access to Live Music

Duncan has been doing fundraising challenges for Attitude is Everything since 2014, when he did his first ever Tough Mudder. Now he is stepping up his challenge and running 500 miles over the course of 2018, all in support of our mission to make live music accessible to all.

This Saturday he will hit his halfway target, mile no. 250, as he runs the historic Blaydon Race from Newcastle to Blaydon. We caught up with him to find out how he’s getting on, and what inspired him to take on this massive challenge!

Donate to Duncan’s fundraiser here.

When did you start fundraising for Attitude is Everything?

My first foray was way back in October 2014, when Sharon and myself took on our first obstacle course event, Tough Mudder.

What originally prompted you to take on a fundraising challenge for us?

It was all Sharon! She gently convinced me to do Tough Mudder with her. We looked for a charity to support, and a mutual friend was involved with Attitude is Everything. We're both big fans of live music, and we love the work that you do so it all just came together nicely.

After a few years of doing Tough Mudder, why did you decide to take on this new challenge?

I had the idea that for my fifth year, I should up the stakes. By now I'm confident with a Tough Mudder, whereas when I signed up for my first one, I had no idea if I could manage it or not. I'm back in that place now. A new challenge that I cannot afford to get smug or cocky about, that is taking me out of my comfort zone and pushing me further.

How have you trained for the 500 mile challenge? How is it going so far?

I started the year with absolutely no training! I had hardly done anything for the last couple of months of 2017. In January I challenged myself to run at least 2 miles every day, which I managed, but was hurting by February. I've been out in the pitch dark with just a head torch, I ran through the Beast from the East, and now I'm trying to get used to the warmth and sunshine!

You’ve been a very loyal supporter of us over the years. What makes Attitude is Everything special?

At the end of the day, I love going to gigs and festivals. Each and every one of us should be able to go and experience this, regardless of ability.

What would be your advice for someone else considering doing their first fundraising challenge?

If you're considering it, your halfway there. Don't worry about what you can actually do. Sign up, get your friends to do the same. Having already signed up for something like Tough Mudder can be a massive motivation to help you along with the training. But probably the most important advice is to enjoy it!

Donate to Duncan’s fundraiser here.

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