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We pride ourselves on our approach to creating an inclusive and progressive workplace. This ethos forms the bedrock of our ability to develop creative and constructive partnerships with those who wish to make accessibility and inclusion a driving force for positive change in their own workplaces, working relationships and interactions with the public.

Our Attitude Champion model is a framework we have created in order to share our ethos, vision and practical tools with any organisation that recognises the immense value of including Deaf and disabled people at every level. If you wish to be an influencer in your sector when it comes to pushing forward a progressive vision for inclusive practice, we can help you to achieve this ambition.

By engaging with this bespoke framework, you will be supported by experts in the field of accessibility and inclusion to: 

  • refresh internal recruitment and workplace policies.
  • develop your capacity to make your own events inclusive.
  • act as a beacon of best practice for those you work with to deliver accessible activities and commercial services.

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