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We are able to offer our training, access consultancy services and Attitude Champion model to international clients.

In 2017, we were asked by Gibraltar’s Ministry of Equality to develop a Disability Equality Train the Trainer course.

We are also keen to discuss international franchises of our successful Charter of Best Practice.

In 2014, we were commissioned by the Equal Opportunities Council in Nordland, Norway and the Norwegian Live Music Association to develop a franchise model of our Charter of Best Practice for Norway.

We spoke at industry events about the project, delivered training, conducted site-visits, assisted with a fact-finding visit to the UK, and worked with disabled people in Norway to develop a model of working using our Charter framework.

This experience puts us in a strong position to engage with other countries who might wish to involve local disability organisations to adopt our highly successful Charter model.

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Gideon Feldman – Head of Programmes and Business Development

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