Case Studies

  • Village Underground

    In September 2011, Attitude is Everything were looking for a new venue to host a Club Attitude event. Club Attitude is our way to demonstrate to the music Industry how to put on a fully accessible gig, to showcase Deaf and disabled artists and to highlight venues and festivals with good access. Read more Village Underground ››

  • KOKO

    KOKO invested in Disability Equality Training, implemented new access policies and made some physical changes to the venue. They are now working towards the Gold Level of the Charter, with some elements already fulfilled and more changes planned. Read more KOKO ››

  • Victoria Park Festivals

    In 2010, Tower Hamlets Council made Attitude is Everything’s Charter of Best Practice an Event Standard for all festivals that take place in Victoria Park. Read more Victoria Park Festivals ››

  • National Union of Students

    The National Union of Students launched their Access Challenge at the NUS disabled Students Conference in March 2011. The campaign aims to promote the access available at Student Unions and to encourage them to become more accessible. Read more National Union of Students ››

  • Festival Republic

    Festival Republic have been working with Attitude is Everything since 2000, when Attitude is Everything was first set up. Key staff members have attended Disability Equality Training sessions and all their festivals are signed up to our Charter of Best Practice, working their way towards the Gold Level. Read more Festival Republic ››

Serj Tankian from System of a Down supports our Charter