Ticketing Without Barriers

Our 2018 State of Access Report found that Deaf and disabled music fans still face a range of avoidable barriers when trying to book tickets for live music events – over 80% of our survey respondents had experienced problems during the booking process, and three quarters felt discriminated against.

We’re now working with the industry to address these barriers. A key part of this is the Ticketing Without Barriers Coalition: a coalition of ticketing companies, venues, and other organisations who have pledged to work together to remove barriers to ticketing.

In addition, we’re raising awareness of the problems and their solutions through:

  • A series of articles outlining the key things that Deaf and disabled fans need in order to have an equal experience of access booking.
  • A series of blogs from disabled fans, whose experiences demonstrate the need for change – and how to get things right.

Article Series – getting access booking right for Deaf and disabled people.

  1. Disabled Fans Need: Universal Proof of Access Requirements

How universal proof of access requirements would transform the booking experience for Deaf and disabled customers.

  1. Disabled Fans Need: Information and Customer Service

Find out why disability-aware information and customer service are essential components of the booking process.

  1. Disabled Fans Need: Choice and Flexibility

How inflexible booking systems shut out Deaf and disabled fans.

  1. Disabled Fans Need: Assurance Access Requirements Will Be Met

A good access booking system must ensure customers access requirements are met.

  1. Disabled Fans Need: Equal Access to Everything

From pre-sale tickets to VIP packages, Deaf and disabled people should have an equal opportunity to access every part of the live music experience.

Blog Series – Deaf and disabled fans share their experiences of ticketing.

  1. “As a person with an invisible disability, my Access Card is invaluable.”

Hannah explains how her Access Card helps her at gigs, and how increased usage could benefit venues & customers alike.

  1. “As a wheelchair user, all I want is an equal opportunity to get tickets.”

Ross shares his frustrations at not being able to book tickets like everyone else.

  1. “Online booking would give disabled people more independence.”

Alex explains how the lack of options for booking tickets takes away his independence.

  1. Access Done Right

Amy shares the positive impact of access done right.

  1. “I missed out on the opportunity of meeting my idol.”

Holly explains that when disabled fans aren’t considered, they can miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.